You’re being tracked and not necessarily anonymously. A study last March from researchers at MIT’s Media Lab showed that so-called “anonymized” cell phone data is not so anonymous. The researchers were able to extract specific location information for individuals carrying phones with GPS and location services on. If this concerns you, you might want to keep an eye on New York-based artist and technologist Adam Harvey, who just launched a Kickstarter program to develop phone pockets that shield your phone’s cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS signals.

According to PopSci, the slip cover is based on the technology behind the electric field-blocking Faraday cage, which protects electrical equipment from lightning strikes. Like the cage, the Off Pocket contains a metal fiber mesh that blocks the wireless signals (frequencies between 800MHz and 2.4 GHz)

coming from cell phone towers, bluetooth and GPS satellites as they attempt to communicate with your phone. The Off Pocket is waterproof and 100 times stronger than conventional signal blocking bags used in law enforcement.

There are only 19 days to go in this Kickstarter and the first pockets will ship at the end of September.

Credit: PRVCM/ Adam Harvey