LEDs are being Incorporated in vast magnitudes today for everything that may involve lights and illuminations. White LEDs have especially become very popular due to their mini size, dramatic illuminating capabilities and high efficiency with power consumptions. Here we are discussing the making of a simple LED bulb CIRCUIT DIAGRAM, Which i have built and tested.


The circuit of a LED bulb explained here is very easy to build and the circuit is very reliable and long lasting. The exclusive surge protection feature included in the circuit ensures an ideal shielding of the unit from all electrical power ON surges. Looking at the figure we see that basically LEDs have been used which are connected in series. The diagram shows a single long series of LEDs connected one behind the other to form a long LED chain. The power supply circuit used for powering these arrays is derived from a high voltage capacitor, whose low reactance is exploited for stepping down the high voltage input to a lower voltage suitable for the circuit. The two resistors and a capacitor at the positive supply are positioned for suppressing the initial power ON surge and surges during voltage fluctuations. In fact the real surge correction is done by C1 introduced after the bridge (in between R1 and R2), this modification has been incorporated in this circuit after a long research process by me to protect the circuit from voltage surges. Continue reading